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Category: Folk Horror

‘A Warrior to Battle the Heat’

At the Summer Solstice, when the days are longest and hottest, the Winter stirs and prepares to do battle with the relentless heat, to restore to the land the comfort of cold breezes and the dreams of long, dark nights. Damian Mark Whittle

‘Ghost Stories for the Pandemic’

I’m very pleased this week to have two of my pieces featured in the latest issue of the marvelous Scroll Magazine.Both of these pieces were inspired by the landscape and atmosphere of ghost stories, especially of the Folk Horror variety. I feel that ghost stories, where characters are often isolated, time is out of joint, reminders of death are ever present and familiar places become strange are in many ways the perfect genre for the time of the pandemic and the lockdown. In ghost stories as in lockdown, the past… Read more ‘Ghost Stories for the Pandemic’