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Category: Design

‘Two Found Love, One Found the Woods’

‘Two Found Love, One Found the Woods’ The same stories reaching backwards and forwards in time, from the before the birth of mankind and until long after its passing.Two found themselves as one and one found themself in solitude.The tale repeats forever, ends and beginnings echoing each other without mercy, and if you are assigned a role in it, then there is no escape. You can but learn. Damian Mark Whittle

‘The Shadow Prince of the Winter Citadel’

‘The Shadow Prince of the Winter Citadel’ Once, on one terrible day, a beautiful boy, so perfect in his imperfection, flew too close to the cruel sun. His body was burnt away and lost to time but his shadow lived on in the Winter Citadel where it found new and wondrous games to play for all eternity. Damian Mark Whittle