‘The New Gods of Winter’ – Part 1: ‘The Citadel and the Knights’

After the angry, shouting men and all those who clustered so shamelessly around them had burnt the world, it fell to the mechanisms, toys and automata made by humanity to restore it. It would take them many, many years to undo the harm done by their long-dead parents.

After decades of toil, they discovered deep beneath the ground, sheltered from the ravages of time, hidden doorways.
And in the sky, maps told in metal and wood.
At the end of their travels they found the Citadel where Winter had been held safe whilst the rest of the world was on fire.
Strange guardians watched over the Citadel.
From its doors, metal figures set forth.
The Knights of Winter would scour the ruins of the world for remnants of the cold.
The fragments were hard to find and protected by fearsome creatures.
And all the while, the Citadel waited.

Damian Whittle

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