‘The Life Cycle of a Pylon-Born Lifeform’

The following images were captured by researchers to the planet Earth following the recent major extinction event which appeared to have wiped out the hitherto dominant species of degenerate ape-based lifeform. Our researchers indicate in their incomplete report that a new species appears to have become dominant. What little communication they managed to make with it indicates that this species calls itself the Teysas-Kochora though this is only an approximate translation. It would appear that this lifeform buds from the still active power systems of the ape species and is then grown within Gestation Chambers constructed from the surrounding structures. As it reaches the maturity, the Teysas-Kochora swells in size and eventually emerges to take up residence in one of the millions of ruined buildings that litter the planet. There is some evidence that some of the ape species survived and have been processed as a manner of drone race to service the needs of the adult Teysas-Kochora.
Our researchers report that the Earth is recovering rapidly from the recent extinction event and the planet’s status has now been upgraded to acceptable. We are eagerly awaiting their next report.

Text and images by Damian Mark Whittle

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