‘It’s In The Trees!’ at Swarthmore Education Centre

Just opened at Swarthmore Education Centre in Leeds is my new show of photography and digital art; It’s in the Trees! These nine images explore how we interact with nature in the 21st century, when our lives are evermore surrounded by technology.


What does it mean to walk through trees while listening to an i-pod? How does it feel to look at the forms of nature with one eye always on a phone screen? How have our appreciation of the beautiful and the ancient been altered? These are some of the questions I thought about for the show, while drawing on my own personal experiences. I also thought about how these evolving ways of perceiving our surroundings might foreshadow a new relationship between technology and nature, when one is perhaps most needed.


The show will be available to see free of charge for the next four weeks at Swarthmore Education Centre, an excellent and well-regarded college which is open 9am – 8pm  on weekdays and 9am – 4pm on Saturdays.



To discuss purchasing prints of any of my works, please e-mail whittle42@outlook.com

Damian Mark Whittle


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