Exhibiting My Work: ‘Aliens Among Us’ at Roots and Fruits, Leeds

Yesterday my new show ‘Aliens Among us’ opened at the Roots and Fruits café in the Grand Arcade in Leeds.

For this exhibition, I have chosen two different subjects: the electricity pylons which stride our land like steel giants, and which featured in several of the notorious ‘Public Information’ films of the 1970’s, and Giant Hogweed, the Triffid-like toxic weed that, in recent years, has generated regular front page horror stories.


Green Metal – Damian Mark Whittle

Through the photographs, I explore how these alien visitors, while possibly threatening, also possess a unique and hypnotic fascination.

Alure 3

The Red Weed – Damian Mark Whittle

All works on display are 2o” x 30″in size and mounted on card. These unique prints are available for sale.



Damian Mark Whittle




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