A Walk With My New Camera

Yesterday I went for a photography walk with my new Nikon bridge camera. Getting used to a different camera is an interesting experience. The old one becomes so familiar that it’s like a trusted friend. A more sophisticated model is both exciting and, initially, a little disorientating. You have to get used to a new shape and weight, to a different approach to taking pictures. You have to think that bit more whereas, before, it had become almost instinctive.

Fortunately, where I live is surrounded by opportunities to…well…play. Because suddenly feeling like a bit of a novice again is also a sort of permission to just have some fun.

Below are some of the shots from my walk.


Normally this is a bleak expanse of brick and earth but in high summer, nature moves in to claim it. I prefer it this way.


But while some areas are being taken over by nature, others still belong to the gloriously futuristic creations of mankind, like the looming structure of Bridgewater Place. Though created by humans, it gives the impression that it will carry on quite happily after they’ve gone. And good for it.


The River Aire is a constant presence running through the heart of the city.


The new entrance to the train station straddles the river, a meeting of two means of transport.


In some places only skeletons remain.

DSCN0027 (2)

A bridge over the river seems, by its very shape, its elegant rise and fall, to lead to the future.

Two details of the Royal Armouries. Home to weapons from the different times and places, the building could easily be the war machine of some cybernetic race.


And finally, one of my favourite buildings: Prince’s Exchange in the centre of the city. Unapologetically and alluringly modern. I love it.

So those were my first few tentative steps with my new camera. I’m looking forward to taking some more.

Damian Mark Whittle

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