September’s Spider

Work on the city was completed in September. It would be known as September’s City. It was of thing of intimidating elegance. A latticework of metal and silk spinning outwards in multiple spirals. From the centre, a tower rose majestically. Cradled within it, the Engineer looked out over her work and was satisfied.

She wasn’t important in herself. Many others had contributed before her. She hadn’t even been born when construction started. But she was the one who had finished it. It was her silk that had added the final, essential touches.

The work had nearly killed her.  She barely had enough life left in her now to keep drawing breath. When she was gone, the city would be empty. But not for long.

As the spider faded into oblivion, her last thoughts echoed along the walkways and out across the world. Calling all the children to their new home.

Damian Mark Whittle

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