Travel Room: Three Ruined Buildings in Bingley

Today I went for a spring walk in Bingley in Yorkshire. The town is perhaps most famous for the extremely steep five step locks on the Bingley stretch of the Leeds-Liverpool canal. However, my attention was also caught by the following three ruined buildings. Each seemed to have its own story to tell.



Standing just outside the train station, this house is in a bad way and has obviously been abandoned for a while. It looks like a place for dares and ghost stories. It’s tempting to wonder what tragedy befell the place.





A greenhouse is some people’s pride and joy. For men of a certain age, it sometimes becomes a treasured sanctuary from an ever-changing world. However this one, close to the canal, is slowly being reclaimed by nature. It turns out the greenery couldn’t be controlled after all.


Five Rise Farmhouse

Close to the Five Rise locks are the remains of an 18th Century farmhouse. This was all that was left after the rest of the building was demolished in 2006. The skeletal timbers of the roof have taken on an abstract beauty.




Five Rise Farmhouse

All three of these buildings possess an air of mystery and perhaps stand as the memorials to past events and lives.


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