Design Room: Grotesquerie

The following two pieces were inspired by a visit to the Thackray Medical Museum.

On of the museum’s most popular features is a recreation of dark and smelly 19th century city streets before the arrival of proper public health procedures. They come complete with fake hanging slaughterhouse meat and a variety of disease-faced mannequins . While I was there, a family walked by with their young child who was crying in absolute terror at what he was seeing. The piece below was an attempt to convey my sense of how  the nightmarish experience might have felt to him.



Using a photo of the unsettlingly realistic recreation of slaughterhouse meat, I created the piece below which contrasts the organic, raw flesh with the clean, abstract lines of tower blocks.

The Organic in the Abstract

The Organic in the Abstract

Both these two designs were created to be intentionally disconcerting and disquieting.

Any comments are welcome!


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