Design Room: Nature Triangle t-shirt


Nature Triangle t-shirt

For this design, I wanted to bring together a precise triangular form with the light and shade of nature. The starting point was a photo I took in 2013, looking up through some beautiful tree branches in New Farnley Park, Leeds. This image drew a lot of attention and praise on Flikr and has always been a personal favourite, not least because it was a spontaneous, unplanned shot.

Under the Trees

Under the Trees

Using Paint software, I inserted a triangle into the image and removed the area around the three sides to create the final design.

Branch Triangle

Nature Triangle

Via Spreadshirts I then ordered a t-shirt with the design printed on the chest, to see how it looked.


Nature Triangle t-shirt

The design frames the lines of nature within a more abstract, geometrical arrangement. And of course, there are a few science fiction influences at work there as well!


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