Walking Through Cities: What Gets Left Behind

We humans are a messy species. Wherever we go, we leave traces behind us like dirty fingerprints. These relics sometimes seem to take on a life of their own, hinting at half known stories and new meanings.


Old Engines

The huge cylinders in the picture above were the bodies of steam engines and yet they also resemble World War II bombs.


Industrial Remains

The rusting remains of a narrow gauge railway track and truck have a melancholy air. There is no way back from such a state of decay.


Leeds Stones

These stones are all that’s left of the Kirkstall Light Steam Railway that ran short train rides every Sunday. The place name ‘Leeds’ can be made out on the fragment of a brick.


The Old Building by the River

The shell of this building has survived, battered but intact. The roof is broken though and the inside appears distinctly dangerous. It looks like the setting for a horror movie, with unwitting youngsters tempted to their doom.


A Door in the River

An odd story seems to lurk behind this door that has been abandoned in the river. It looks like the entrance to a surreal dream world of waterside creatures in top hats.


An Abandoned Coat

Has the shiny coat been lost after a drunken night out? Torn off in the heat of a quarrel? Or  abandoned because it’s no longer fashionable?

SAM_4734 (3)


Saddest of all, a teddy bear abandoned on the pavement. Perhaps he was loved once.


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