The Vampires On Wall Street

A thought provoking read. While the focus of the article is on Wall Street. much of it could also be applied to the big UK banks.

Edge of Humanity Magazine

Edge of Humanity Magazine’s New Series: “THE GLOBAL ECONOMY” Consisting of Trend Analysis of Macro Global Economics, International Finance, Emerging Markets and Transnational Trade.

It has been several years since the great recession, and the American economy is slowly pulling itself out of the abyss.  The average person in the US, is still struggling to survive financially. In the meantime, Wall Street and the big banks are roaring along, like nothing ever happened and are still sucking the blood, from the veins of the American population.  Yes, the vampires of the financial industry have come out from the other side of the economic meltdown as clean as a whistle. Other than the miscellaneous insider trading scandals, none of the fat cat’s at the too big to fail banks, or other Wall Street firms, have been held accountable for practically destroying the global financial system.

The United States government has given…

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