A Moment of Reflection

SAM_7181 (4)

A Moment of Reflection

I love walking along Leeds-Liverpool Canal, especially in the morning when there aren’t many people about. The regularity of the tow path, the fact that that there aren’t roads to cross or cars to avoid, frees up the mind to notice the varied and fascinating details all around.

The photo above was taken in Kirkstall in Leeds. The morning light created a wonderfully clear reflection of the building as I passed it on the other side. There was a sense of history – of the building’s past relationship with the canal – and of tranquillity. It was difficult to know which was the more pleasing to look at – the elegant building or its watery companion. The imperfect symmetry seemed almost designed. I found myself standing and watching the whole scene for some time, drifting between worlds.

Eventually, of course, I moved on to see what else there was to see.


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