An Extension of the Abstraction Inside Me

Sometimes my body feels like just an extension of the abstraction inside me  (2)

(Sometimes My Body Feels Like Just) An Extension of the Abstraction Inside Me

This piece was created using a photo of a large ventilator, PowerPoint and paint. I decided to combine both text and photo manipulation to covey a sense of an abstract experiencing of the world. The space created has a geometry of its own and yet also appears impossible. Its size is unknowable.

In part this was a reaction to one of the more curious insults I have received in my life. Several years ago, someone I disagreed with over something accused me of living in my head, claiming that all they ‘got’ in my presence was a huge head and a withered body. Aside from the vaguely fascist linking of thought with physical infirmity, it also seemed to rest on the assumption that I was thinking academically rather than experiencing abstractly. While all this was too long ago to still trouble me, nonetheless it seemed to suggest the need for a response. This piece then redresses the balance, visually conveying the experience of having an abstract relationship with the world. The text also makes the case for using the body itself as an artistic tool, something I have tried to do through tattoos and other body modification.

We hear so much about the difference between thought and feeling, body and mind and yet the most interesting possibilities exist in the spaces between them.

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