A Conversation Between Pylons and Trees

I’ve recently self published a collection of photographs called A Conversation Between Pylons and Trees.

The roots of this project lay in several trips I made to photograph the electricity pylons that surround a power station in Leeds. These metal giants had fascinated me for a long time. Their lines and angles have a sculptural and elegant quality to them. In particular I was intrigued by their relationship with the sky and how their presence seems to alter it without filling it. I also found I enjoyed photographing trees. They too alter the sky, in ways that change with each season. One summer afternoon, sitting by a river, I found myself struck by the intricate and orderly structure of the trees around me. Creations of nature yes, but just as efficiently formed as the pylons.

I began to think about the similarities between them as well as the differences. I thought about the patterns of each, with their own rules and geometries. And I wondered what would happen if these two artists of the sky should be able to speak to one another.

As part of my development in this early stage in my creative evolution, I decided to self publish the project as a book through Blurb. Sadly, the nature of self publishing being what it is, I’ve not been able to offer the book for the lower price that I would like to, though I have been able to make it available as a PDF. However, it’s been very rewarding to put this piece together, combining text and photography to look at the world that surrounds us in a different way. The journey to get here was worth taking, even though it feels like only a first step in a much bigger journey,

Below is a link to the page for the book on Blurb, which includes the option to see a preview. Any comments would be welcome!




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