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Month: July 2014

All Repetitition is an Attempt to Stop Time

  This was a PowerPoint image I created last year, using photographs of an electricity pylon and a clock face. The inspiration came from the experience of listening to the same song repeatedly and feeling that I was outside of time. This made me reflect on the repetitive actions, including addiction and obsessive use of the same words or thoughts, that people use to hold on to a moment, even as it inevitably slips away from them. The Warholian fear of life and death in an eternal now.  

Gego. Line as Object

This week a new show of work by the Venezuelan artist Gego opened at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds. The Institute presents an ongoing programme of different exhibitions, exploring the history of sculpture from the early 1900’s onwards. I always look forward to the opening of a new show as I never know quite what to expect. The experience can be exciting, inspiring, alienating or baffling. The latest show sees the layout of the Institute changed, with an initial short corridor folding back on itself where there is usually a single room.… Read more Gego. Line as Object